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Posted June 3, 2010
Eckerd Theater Performs First Play at New Hospital

The ETC Players performed 'Stone Soup' for the kids.

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On Friday, May 28, Child Life Services at All Children's Hospital hosted a performance of "Stone Soup" by the Eckerd Theater Company of Clearwater at the Children's Auditorium on the second floor of the new hospital.

The event was organized by Child Life Specialist Courtney Hubbard and Sharon Reid-Kane, Assistant Director of Education at the Hoffman Performing Arts Institute at Ruth Eckerd Hall.

The kids took pictures with the cast after the play, and a few brave fans got to play with Scorch the Dragon, a colorful puppet that performed to the delight of the young audience.

"What an unforgettable experience for all involved," remarked Reid-Kane.

About the Eckerd Theater Company 

ETC is a proud ambassador of Ruth Eckerd Hall and the Hoffman Performing Arts Institute, seeking to provide the finest in performance and arts education experiences to family audiences of all ages. Since its inception in 1988, ETC has performed for over one million young people and their families throughout the State of Florida and in venues as far north as New York and Canada and as far west as Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and Mississippi. The cast was thrilled to bring their performance to the children of ACH!