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Posted May 18, 2010
Diego Escobar - May Employee of the Month

Diego Escobar is the May 2010 All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month - he was also the April 2009 Employee of the Month. Diego works at Specialty Care Center of Tampa as a Radiology MRI Technologist and has been with All Children's since 2001. A patient and his family recognized Diego's Service Excellence and nominated him for Employee of the Month honors. The family said:

We brought our son in for an MRI at the All Children's Specialty Care of Tampa office. He had been complaining of neck pain for several months.  As a result of Mr. Escobar's thorough reading of the MRI images, he noticed a small part of what ended up being a cancerous brain tumor protruding out from our son's neck. He immediately contacted our doctor and remained with us until 6:00 PM (the rest of the center had closed for the day) taking additional brain and full spine images.

In addition, since we were given instructions to go directly to All Children's Hospital he made sure we had Map Quest directions for our use.

Thanks to Mr. Escobar's dedication to his profession and his thoroughness even at the end of a long workday our son's tumor was discovered and successfully removed the very next day. Mr. Escobar's actions helped save our son's life and we are truly grateful.

The patient added:

Thank you for being so thorough reading my MRI and finding my brain tumor. Your dedication to your profession helped to save my life.  Thank you for helping me and all the other kids that you see every day. We really appreciate the work you do for us. 

Diego, along with our kids and their families, the Administration of All Children's Hospital thanks you for your wonderful Service Excellence and all you do at the Tampa Specialty Care Center. Congratulations for receiving the May 2010 Employee of the Month honors!