General News
Posted June 30, 2009
Leslie Robilio, RN Receives the May DAISY Award

Congratulations to Leslie Robilio, RN who is the DAISY Award recipient for May, 2009. Leslie works with our Infusion Therapy Program in Outpatient Specialty Services. 

The DAISY Award is presented monthly to an All Children's Hospital Nurse that has provided extraordinary service to our patients.

Leslie holds a BSN Degree from the University of Tennessee. She has been a nurse at All Children's for the past six years.

Leslie noticed her patient was not feeling very well. After questioning him, she decided to contact his physician and have some lab work ordered. "We are so thankful that Leslie knows "her kids" so well that she can tell just by looking at them that something is wrong," the family stated in their DAISY Award nomination. The nomination went on to say that because of Leslie's efforts, this child may have been saved from a serious infection.

Congratulations Leslie on a job well done!