General News
Posted June 25, 2009
ACH Banner Raised On Mount Rainier

Steve Eaves, a member of the ACH Development Council recently climbed Mount Rainier as a part of a campaign to raise awareness about All Children's Hospital and the challenges faced by our patients on a daily basis.

The climb was part of the VF Licensed Sports Group's annual commitment to All Children's Hospital. "From my perspective, the parallels and metaphors surrounding the challenge to summit the third highest mountain in the United States, mirror some of those faced by the patients at All Children's Hospital on a daily basis," said Eaves, a sales director at VF Imagewear

"When we arrived at the summit, a beautiful sunrise was waiting to greet us. At that point, I could finally raise the All Children's Hospital banner at 14,410 feet with a sense of pride and accomplishment,” said Eaves.  “All Children's Hospital and its Foundation has been climbing mountains and progressing towards ‘the light’ since 1926. Together, our sustained effort moves forward until every child is blessed with a healthy tomorrow and opportunity to climb his or her own mountain. Until then, our work continues."