General News
Posted February 26, 2009
Marclaire McEachern Receives the February DAISY Award

Congratulations to Marclaire McEachern, RN who was the DAISY Award recipient for February, 2009.

Marclaire joined All Children's in 1996 and works on 3SW. She is a graduate of the Yarmouth School of Nursing in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and holds an diploma in Nursing.

The DAISY Award is presented monthly to an All Children's Hospital Nurse that has provided extraordinary service to our patients.

The staff member that nominted Marclaire for the award said:

She is a compassionate, well-respected, knowledgeable, and experienced pediatric nurse.  Marclaire shined recently when she guided a family through dealing with a dying child and the preparations and support throughout the most dreaded situation any parent or staff member could endure. She was very professional and compassionate with the family and made the experience peaceful and calm for the family and the rest of the staff. She adds a sense of peace and reassurance in the most difficult and challenging situations.

Congratulations Marclaire on a job well done! You truly are an inspiration!