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Posted June 16, 2008
Darrell Lee named June 2008 Employee of the Month

Darrell Lee, All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month - June 2008Darrell always delivers wonderful Service Excellence but really showcases his Service Excellence during June - he was also selected Employee of the Month for June 2004.  Darrell works in eHealth as a Senior Web Developer and has been with All Children's since 1993. 

Darrell was nominated for Employee of the Month by a fellow employee who said:   

Darrell is a fabulous employee.  He has a terrific ‘can do' attitude.   Many times in meetings I hear others say ‘how are we going to do that,' ‘the technology is so new,' ‘can that even be done?'  Darrell has a wonderful way of helping those folks look at things differently to help them see all of their resources and to try new things or try things in a different way to make our operations even better and more efficient.  Darrell is a true subject matter expert and is very helpful.  His Service Excellence skills are outstanding and his turn around times are above and beyond what is expected.  The quality of his work is exceptional.  We have worked on projects together that required on-going process improvement and tweaking.  When asked to re-look or re-work something, Darrell always has a positive, friendly, supportive attitude.  Darrell is also very creative and innovative.  He is never at a loss for solution generation and has exceeded my expectations many times.  Darrell represents the best of everything that is ‘quality' and All Children's and it is a pleasure to have him on the ACH team.

Darrell's Department Director added:

This nomination speaks for itself, but I'll add that Darrell's consistent delivery of Service Excellence in combination with his unique technical skills, creativity, enthusiasm, and incredible work ethic make him an exemplary employee.  Not a week passes by in which he hasn't delivered some amazing technical achievement to somebody that usually far exceeds his or her expectations. 

Darrell, thank you for your outstanding Service Excellence and all you do to support your co-workers and for being such a terrific employee.  Congratulations for being selected the All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month - again!