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Posted June 5, 2014
Pung Yi is the June 2014 Employee of the Month

Pung YiPung Yi is the June 2014 Employee of the Month. Pung works as a Housekeeper in Environmental Services and has been with All Children's since 2008. Pung was recognized for his Service Excellence by a fellow employee who said:

For several years I have had the pleasure of watching Pung bring joy and laughter to our patients and families while cleaning their room. I first saw him in action on 7 South. He would be cleaning and all of a sudden let out a bark or meow and make some of the sickest kids smile. You could see the child's eyes light up when he walked in the room and you could tell that's all Pung wanted to do. It doesn't matter if his shift is just beginning or ending, he always does a thorough job with a smile. I once saw him bring laughter and joy to a mom and her son who were having a difficult day. The mom commented that when Pung walked in he changed the spirit and mood of the room. Her son stopped crying and started giggling as Pung cleaned and let out barks and meows. He makes me smile when I pass him in the hall the same way he makes the kids and parents smile, with his positive attitude and the magic he works with humor, laughter and kindness.

Pung's Department Director added:

I cannot say how many times Pung has been nominated for employee of the month and how he truly keeps patients and families and staff smiling. Pung's area of responsibility is equivalent to cleaning an 11,000 square foot house with 28 bathrooms. He always sings to the children, makes towel animals and engages in conversation as he goes about his work. The patients and families look forward each evening to Pung's arrival. Pung works at a very brisk pace and the children have nicknamed him 'Hurricane.' I'm reminded of one little boy who was hospitalized on 7 South for a long period of time and then was discharged. A few months later the boy returned with mom for a visit and when he saw Pung he ran down the hallway yelled, "My Hurricane!" Pung came running and held the boy and hugged him. That was an incredible moment, as it is not often that someone who cleans the rooms has such an effect on a patient. I spoke to Pung about this and he said that he feels responsible to help take a child's mind off their illness, and if he can accomplish that, he knows he's doing his job. I asked what about cleaning the rooms (his cleanliness scores are awesome) and his smiling reply was "Oh yeah, that too." Pung's feeling of responsibility comes from his heart and he takes such pride in his job.  He was recognized last year within our department and he said with tears how much he enjoys helping the children of his community.

Pung, thank you for your great Service Excellence and the joy and laughter you bring to our patients, families and staff. Congratulations for receiving the All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month honors!