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Posted January 21, 2014
Julie Vincent, RN is the January 2014 DAISY Award Recipient

Julie Vincent, Jan. 2014 DAISY AwardJulie Vincent, RN is the January 2014 DAISY Award recipient. Julie has been with All Children's Hospital since February 1987. She was a NICU nurse for six years, and then moved to the West Central Early Steps Program in 1993. Julie's primary role is to evaluate children from birth to 3, to determine whether they are developmentally delayed and eligible for the Early Steps Program. She also specializes in serving hearing impaired children, and follows up with the families of NICU babies to inform them of the Early Steps Program and the services it provides.

The husband of an ACH employee wrote:

I would like to say a hearty "job well done" to the Early Steps staff in general and to Nurse Julie specifically for their recent activities when my wife had a medical concern at the office. She is transitioning into a new set of methods and medicines in her diabetes regimen. A combination of factors brought her to the point of almost losing consciousness at work.

When the staff detected warning signs, Julie jumped into action and called to arrange for her medicines and machines to be brought to the facility. She called our daughter, who just happened to be home from college and was the most available emergency contact. She also called me to inform me and keep me posted of the current status. The rest of the staff assisted as needed with a complete team effort. I have always admired and envied the professional staff that my wife is surrounded by at her office. They truly typify all the motivational posters one sees displayed in many offices depicting teamwork and group dedication. While this response is yet another example of their cooperation and dedication to each other, this one is particularly personal to my family. It is the same approach employed by the staff of the Early Steps office in Pasco County with their clientele. I feel that this exceptional group of amazing people and particularly Julie deserve some above-and-beyond recognition for the stellar performance level.

The center staff added:

When Julie noticed that her colleague was in distress, she immediately took action. In addition to responding to her 'patient,' Julie also made sure all the right people were informed (family and supervisor) and took charge of the situation, telling other employees what they could do to help. This is not the first time that Julie has utilized her nursing experience to help an employee in our department, it is just one of many examples of how Julie works as a team player and goes above and beyond her  duties. We are grateful to have Julie on our Early Steps team and hope she will be recognized for her dedication.

Thank you, Julie, for the compassionate care you provide our patients, families and our staff.