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Posted September 28, 2013
Keith Franqueiro, RN Wins the Johns Hopkins Nursing Shining Star Award

Keith Franqueiro, RN, has won the Johns Hopkins Nursing Shining Star Award. This program recognizes outstanding nurses and nursing students from the Hopkins member hospitals and the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. It's an opportunity to recognize some of the brightest stars in the galaxy of Johns Hopkins Nursing.

Keith was recognized at a ceremony on September 28, 2013. Hella Ewing, ACH Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, and runner-up Julie Navarro, RN, also attended to represent All Children's at the celebration at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing when the winners were announced.

Congratulations Keith. This recognition is well deserved.

In nominating Keith, a colleague wrote:

In his nursing role at All Children's Hospital, Keith Franqueiro was responsible to represent the Department of Peri-Operative Services Nurses in the choosing, planning and implementing of a new EMR system. He collaborated with the department management team, ACH IT and anesthesia in this endeavor.

Keith's responsibilities included assisting ACH IT and an outside consultant firm on the planning and implementation of the chosen EMR (Surginet) throughout the Department of Perioperative Services.  He also took on the task to learn the previous department reports and financial systems within the department in order to assist the business manager, clinical managers, anesthesia and staff. He continues to utilize his competencies in the OR (scrubbing and circulating) and as a PACU staff nurse.

Keith is worthy of this nomination because he has a wide range of knowledge and experience as an RN.  During his career he has been both an OR and PACU staff nurse, nurse manager and clinical director of a free standing surgery center.  In his present role, Keith has utilized his knowledge and experience as an RN to collaborate with the team to build and implement the chosen Cerner EMR system.  He has had a strong influence in the build, always maintaining outcomes that will improve patient care, quality and improve physician and staff satisfaction.

Keith worked with the nurses throughout the inpatient units to identify, develop processes and procedures within the Cerner EMR that allow the RN at the bedside to have more time with their patients.   He extended his role to work with the inpatient staff and educators to implement this new process while continuing his role in Perioperative Services.

Keith is an individual who is admired and respected by surgeons, management and staff. He always has a positive attitude and is open to sharing his knowledge as a mentor, teacher and leader.  He is an individual who will step up to the plate wherever needed.  In times of staff shortage Keith has been both a circulator and scrub nurse in the OR.  If a code is called in PACU, Keith will provide backup for the nursing staff if needed.  He maintains a close relationship with surgeons, assisting them with documentation or computer issues. 

His strongest attribute is his love and concern for others, especially the children.  Providing the best patient care is the driving force behind his role as an RN and in his present position.  Keith is presently enrolled in a BSN to MSN program.  He is a loving husband and extremely father of two beautiful daughters. He has participated and contributed in many of the All Children's Hospital Foundation fundraisers and encourages others to join.  Keith is a role model who exemplifies the nursing model of All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine.  I am proud to recommend him for this award.

If you walk through the department of Peri-Operative Services on any given day and mention Keith's name to staff or surgeons, you would only hear very positive responses.   Keith is an individual who is trusted, he is honest and open.  Surgeons have approached him on more than one occasion to ask if he would consider coming back to the OR as Clinical Leader over their service.  Keith is a great nurse, a wonderful individual, and enhances the reputation of Johns Hopkins nursing.