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Posted April 11, 2013
Terri Graffeo is the April 2013 Employee of the Month

Terri Graffeo - April 2013 EOMTerri Graffeo is the April 2013 Employee of the Month. Terri works as a Physical Therapist at All Children's Outpatient Care, East lake and has been with All Children's since 2000. Terri was recognized for her Service Excellence by a family who wrote:

Our family would like to take the time to nominate our son's physical therapist, Terri Graffeo, for employee of the month. We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the love and care that Miss Terri continues to provide since becoming fast friends with him in January 2002. She is much more than his great therapist; she's an extended member of our family. Terri serves as an exemplary example of the type of medical professional that children as well as parents desperately need. We love that Terri does not mind stepping out of her comfort zone to facilitate our son's therapeutic progress. Subsequently, she has taken advanced courses to facilitate her ability to provide the best possible care for our child.

Terri is such a great support to our family in various aspects. In addition, she is extremely resourceful. She does not mind researching information to pass along to the family, nor does she hesitate to make phone calls to solicit the appropriate information in the event that she is unfamiliar with a particular subject. She has gone above and beyond time and time again. Subsequently, one of the most significant things that Terri did was taking a day out of her busy life to accompany and observe our son in a special program in Orlando, FL. Wow! Supportive seems like a meager understatement. We are forever grateful for Terri's commitment and diligent work ethic. Although we could reveal more reasons, for these reasons alone, we nominate Terri for employee of the month.

Terri's Department Director added:

Terri is one of our PTs in East Lake who has been nominated for employee of the month on numerous occasions. She is consistently enthusiastic, innovative and effective in her treatment skills. She embraces the entire family by her empathy for family needs and concerns as well as in her parent/family training to ensure that her patients receive ongoing treatment that reaches beyond the therapy room.  She seeks out opportunities to continually improve and increase her treatment skills and knowledge base. She has completed her NDT (Neuro-Developmental Treatment) training, which was a significant commitment in both time and effort, and recently completed her kinesio taping certification, all in an effort to provide her patients with the most effective state-of-the-art therapeutic intervention.

This most recent nomination letter was one of the most poignant, sincere letters that I have received by a parent in quite some time.  Despite the length of time Terri has been working with this child, she has never lost her enthusiasm or interest in his needs. In fact, as mom mentions, she continues to go above and beyond to ensure she provides this child, and all of her caseload, with the best possible treatment and newest procedures to increase likelihood of improvement. I was very moved by this letter and incredibly pleased that she has been nominated for this honor by one of her "old time" families who has benefited from her skills and dedication.

Terri, thank you so much for your wonderful Service Excellence and all you do for our patients and families and congratulations for being selected for the All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month.