General News
Posted February 5, 2013
Now Open: The New All Children’s Hospital Patient Transfer Center

The new All Children's Hospital Patient Transfer Center is up and running, ushering in a new era of emergency patient transfers that makes the process fast and simple. When time is of the essence, and the life or health of a child hangs in the balance, a single call is now all it takes to open the door to All Children's world-class standard of care.

The All Children's Hospital Patient Transfer Center is a newly created, self-contained Transfer Center on the top floor of All Children's - literally within seconds of our emergency helicopter landing pad. The Transfer Center is an all-in-one service that will help referring hospitals and physicians coordinate care and emergency transport by our experienced transport team.

The Transfer Center includes patient placement with an RN, admitting, a dispatcher and a transport team ready to move into action- saving time in a time-critical situation and expediting transfers with efficiency.

The All Children's Hospital Patient Transfer Center is available by phone toll-free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week (1-855-261-0220). For more information on the All Children's Hospital Patient Transfer center, visit