BMI Calculator

Know your Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI is a number calculated from a child's weight and height.  BMI is a reliable indicator of body mass fatness for most children and teens.  The BMI is a useful tool to identify possible weight problems; it screens children and teens for being overweight, at risk of being overweight or underweight.

Although the BMI number is calculated the same way for children and adults, the method used to interpret the meaning of the BMI number for children and teens are different from those used for adults. 

There are two reasons behind this:
1. The amount of body fat changes with age  
2. The amount of body fat differs between girls and boys. 

The final BMI interpretation for children and teens considers this information whereas this is not the case for the adult BMI interpretation.

Body Mass Index (BMI) Tables

To understand what your BMI score means, look it up on the appropriate table for your gender and age:

Girls Under  20 Years of Age
Boys Under 20 Years of Age
Anyone 20 Years of Age or Older

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