New Product Introduction/Evaluation

1. Vendor representatives may not introduce any new supplies or equipment for evaluation to any ACHS Personnel or entity prior to review and approval by Materials Management, Pharmacy management, or Biomedical department and, as applicable, the appropriate Value Analysis Committee (VAC).

2. Except for pharmaceuticals, all new products must go through the Value Analysis Manager or Materials Management Director.

3. All new pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical products must go through the Pharmacy Department for value and pricing analysis prior to introduction of the product to ACHS, or consideration by the appropriate value analysis team.

4. Products will be considered for evaluation only after an analysis shows a reduction in overall cost, improved patient outcomes, or optimized utilization.

5. If a product is approved for evaluation, the vendor representative will be notified and an adequate amount of product must be supplied to conduct the evaluation free of charge.

6. Products and equipment delivered without a valid purchase order may be considered a donation to ACHS or returned at the vendor’s expense.