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Posted July 3, 2014
Renee Savic is the July 2014 Employee of the Month

Renee SavicRenee Savic is the July 2014 Employee of the Month. Renee works as a Child Life Specialist and has been with All Children's Hospital since 2012. Renee was recognized for her Service Excellence by a fellow employee who said:

I often see Renee in radiology working with kids during difficult procedures, helping the children cope with what is going on while assisting staff in getting the test results they need. She brings all kinds of tools and toys to show kids as well as explain to them on a basic level everything that needs to be done. She has such a gentle and sweet way with the kids. She identifies with them in what they are going through, and talks them through the hard parts of the procedure. I have seen how difficult some of the procedures are, and she can get kids through things, sometimes so easily. Renee seems to always be creating new ways of helping kids. She is truly in the patient's corner and someone you want on your side. I have seen her champion kids when they really need more time to deal with something, before going on or she will let employees know that she just promised a child that no one else would have to come in and do anything to them. She will tell us to wait outside because she needs to honor that, for the patient. Renee just really seems to love her job and absolutely loves the kids she serves. 

For example, I worked with Renee trying to get a child to eat in a procedure. The little girl was having such a difficult time because it wasn't an environment she was used to. Renee went all out explaining, demonstrating, distracting, tasting the food first, so the little girl would be assured it was ok to eat. On a personal level, I let her know my son would be coming in for two procedures, an MRI and surgery, that I knew would be difficult for him because of sensory issues. Renee was so wonderful with him, and came back several times during his stay to check on him and me. She brought the VECTA machine (The VECTA machine relaxes and engages the patient with multiple sensory stimulation - it features fiber-optic cable lights, a bubble column with varying colors, projected imagery, soothing vibrations and pure essential oil aroma therapy with different scents) that calmed him down incredibly before the MRI and then again before and after surgery. Renee knows the things that are really important to kids. I am so lucky to work with Renee as another professional at ACH, and then as a mother of a patient. You really would have to look hard to find someone more dedicated to her job and the kids she works with.

Renee, thank you so much for your wonderful Service Excellence and all you do for the kids and parents we are privileged to serve. Congratulations for being selected the All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month!