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Posted July 12, 2013
Jennifer Flanary, RN is the July 2013 DAISY Award Recipient


Jennifer Flanary - July 2013 DAISY AwardJennifer Flanary, RN, BSN, CCRP is the July 2013 DAISY Award recipient. She has worked at ACH for 15 years and currently serves as the primary research coordinator for all neuro-oncology trials as well as leukemia and other solid tumor trials. The DAISY Award is presented monthly to an All Children's Hospital Nurse who has provided extraordinary service to our patients. The DAISY Award is presented monthly to an All Children's Hospital Nurse who has provided extraordinary service to our patients. 

Jennifer was nominated by an employee who wrote:

A 14-year-old brain tumor patient who was diagnosed and treated at ACH unfortunately passed away from his disease earlier this year. Prior to his death, the patient and his mother inquired if he was able to donate his brain tissue for research. Jennifer Flanary, RN, Clinical Research Coordinator for Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, decided she was going to help fulfill the patient's wish and made multiple contacts to determine what institutions would be interested in accepting the brain tissue for research. Jen coordinated her effort with the patient's hospice nurse as well as Dr. Ignacio Gonzalez and Kathy Carney from pathology to ensure that when the patient did pass away everything was in order to honor the patient's request. As a result, the patient was able to fulfill his wish and his tissue was donated to the National Institutes of Health and Baylor for brain tumor research.

Dr. Stacie Stapleton stated, "Jen's dedication to fulfilling the patient's wish to donate his brain for research was an incredible gift to give to the family." Jen has a heart of gold and is a wonderful representation of nursing and advocating for the patient and the family. We are blessed to have Jen as part of our ACH and research family.

Jennifer's supervisor added:

I have only had the pleasure of working with Jennifer since February and in that short amount of time, I have found that she has a genuine enthusiasm for her profession. Her sincere commitment and dedication is something that comes from her great character. Her passion for her job is evident in how she treats the people she encounters on a daily basis;  whether they are her fellow co-workers, her contacts within the research community or serving patients, the most important part of her job. She is a valuable and much appreciated asset to ACH and to the CTRO (Clinical Translational Research Organization).

Thank you, Jennifer, for the compassionate care you provide our patients.