Notification of Rights to Estimate

Right to Receive an Estimate of Charges upon Written Request

As a licensed healthcare facility in the State of Florida, All Children's Hospital is providing the following notification in accordance with Florida Statutes 395.301 (7) & (8).

All Children's Hospital patients have the right to receive, prior to the delivery of non-emergency medical treatment services, a written good faith estimate of the reasonably anticipated charges for their treatment. The estimate must be provided within seven (7) business days after the receipt of a written request by the patient or their legal guardian. Patients are also entitled to receive notification of revisions to the estimate.

The estimate may be the average charges for the treatment and the actual charges may exceed the estimate.

To receive a written estimate, please submit your written request to:

Director of Admissions
All Children's Hospital
501 6th Avenue South, Box 9030
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Rev. 6/24/14