Family Support

Getting an ASD diagnosis often can be a confusing time. It takes time to understand and accept the diagnosis and how it may affect your family. Please know that you are not alone. Our Autism Center staff can help you find understanding and education through our Parent Training sessions.

In addition, the Hospital's Family Resource Center has books, brochures and online resources, along with librarians who can help you with information searches.

Through support, education and a team approach that includes the family, we can help you make informed treatment choices and be an advocate for your child.

Links we Like

We recognize that parents need reliable sources of information on the internet, so we've collected a few of our favorite resources to share with you:

Websites sponsored by the Autism Society of America:

Website of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

The Centers for Disease Control “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” campaign or call (80) CDC-INFO

Autism Speaks


Caution: Even accurate information can be misinterpreted. We as professionals can provide ongoing advice and guidance.