All Children's Hospital in the Media

All Children's Hospital shows up frequently in the local news, and sometimes beyond. Here's a history of the items that we've shared in the past.

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Report: 1.24M kids visited emergency rooms for sports injuries last year
(Aug 20, 2014; Bay News 9) | Dr. Patrick Mularoni, medical director of pediatric sports medicine at All Children’s Hospital, is treating TaylorJay for her head injury. Mularoni says he’s seeing more severe injuries in younger patients. A new Safe Kids report says 1.24 million children were seen in emergency rooms for sports injuries last year.
Teens Challenge
(Aug 19, 2014; WFLA Channel 8) | A teen and her family talks about the struggles of maintaining a proper weight to stay healthy. Thanks to programs like All Children's Fit4AllKids, she is finding success.
On Call: Walking Kids to School Safely
(Aug 18, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Joe Perno tell parents how to walk their kids to school safely while also getting some much needed exercise.
Hospital produces video to raise awareness of concussions
(Aug 14, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg has produced a video explaining sports concussions to teachers and guidance counselors.
On Call: Kids and Concussions
(Aug 11, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | "Concussion symptoms can sometimes be hard to recognize, and can become even worse if a child or teen suffers a second impact because it could lead to lifelong problems," said Patrick Mularoni, M.D., Medical Director of Pediatric Sports Medicine at All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine. "Diagnosis and treatment is the first step to addressing a concussion. It's now increasingly important though for coaches and academic instructors to recognize the signs of a concussion in a student and allow them physical and cognitive rest before heading back on the field, and more importantly, back into the classroom."
On Call: Preparing kids for hurricanes
(Aug 4, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Joe Perno from All Children's Hospital gives parents helpful tips to prepare kids for a hurricane without causing fear. He also reminds families with special needs children what they need to think about if a hurricane approaches the area.
Misconceptions lead some to avoid vaccinations
(Aug 1, 2014; WFTS Channel 28) | There are additional requirements to enter the seventh grade, including the whooping cough (pertussis) booster vaccine. “The booster vaccine for seventh grade is a relatively new vaccine that only became available in the last 10 years or so,” said Dr. Juan Dumois, the director of infectious diseases at All Children’s Hospital.
How lessons from auto racing are helping with patient safety
(Jul 24, 2014; Tampa Bay Times) | This month, the journal Pediatrics published a study on how 23 U.S. children's hospitals, including All Children's, are improving handoffs. All Children's, which was among the top performers in the study, focused on handoffs from cardiac surgery to intensive care.
All Children's/Johns Hopkins to open center in South Tampa
(Jul 23, 2014; Tampa Bay Business Journal) | St. Petersburg's All Children's Hospital, a part of Johns Hopkins Medicine, announced plans to open its 11th outpatient care center, this time in South Tampa.
On Call: The Correct Way to Measure Medicine for Children and Treating Bug Bites
(Jul 14, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Patrick Mularoni from All Children's Hospital tells parents the correct way to measure liquid medicine for children and also explains how to identify and treat bug bites.
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