All Children's Hospital in the Media

All Children's Hospital shows up frequently in the local news, and sometimes beyond. Here's a history of the items that we've shared in the past.

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New effort launched for Children's Miracle Network
(Aug 31, 2014; Ft. Myers News Press) | Every year, groups of volunteers from across North America come together to make miracles happen for kids. We are bringing the show and fundraising event to Lee County to benefit All Children's Hospital (our local CMN Hospital).
Sleep Walk in St. Pete raises awareness of disorders
(Aug 31, 2014; Tampa Tribune) | Sleep medicine is a relatively new science, said Nicole Sonderman, a sleep technologist who measures sleep patterns in children as young as a few days old at All Children’s Hospital.
Hopkins students invent method to treat battlefield wounds
(Aug 29, 2014; Baltimore Sun) | Because many of the students have graduated from Hopkins or moved on to other classes, the continued development and testing of the device falls to doctors who sponsored the class project at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Fla., part of the Johns Hopkins Medicine system. That includes Dr. Paul D. Danielson, a colonel in the Army Reserve and a pediatric trauma surgeon at All Children's.
St. Pete Chamber of Commerce announces “Good ‘Burgers”
(Aug 29, 2014; SaintPetersBlog) | A handful of businesses were honored by the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce last night for being good ‘Burgers – as in, St. Petersburgers – and the most valuable ‘Burger award went to Dr. Jonathan M. Ellen, M.D. from All Children’s Hospital.
All Children's Hospital video shows educators what to expect from concussed students
(Aug 27, 2014; WFTS Channel 28) | Inability to focus or perform at school is not unusual for a concussed student. And that's one of the main reasons Dr. Patrick Mularoni and a team at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg created a new video.
Injectable foam could prevent blood loss and even death
(Aug 25, 2014; WFTS Channel 28) | All Children's Hospital doctors are working with students at Johns Hopkins University to perfect an injectable foam that would stop bleed-outs.
On Call: The impact of sleep, diet and caffeine on our kids
(Aug 25, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Patrick Mularoni from All Children's Hospital talked about how sleep, diet and caffeine make an impact on our kids.
Report: 1.24M kids visited emergency rooms for sports injuries last year
(Aug 20, 2014; Bay News 9) | Dr. Patrick Mularoni, medical director of pediatric sports medicine at All Children’s Hospital, is treating TaylorJay for her head injury. Mularoni says he’s seeing more severe injuries in younger patients. A new Safe Kids report says 1.24 million children were seen in emergency rooms for sports injuries last year.
Teens Challenge
(Aug 19, 2014; WFLA Channel 8) | A teen and her family talks about the struggles of maintaining a proper weight to stay healthy. Thanks to programs like All Children's Fit4AllKids, she is finding success.
On Call: Walking Kids to School Safely
(Aug 18, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Joe Perno tell parents how to walk their kids to school safely while also getting some much needed exercise.
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