All Children's Hospital in the Media

All Children's Hospital shows up frequently in the local news, and sometimes beyond. Here's a history of the items that we've shared in the past.

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On call: Early Puberty
(Sep 29, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | Medical recommendations regarding puberty are being rewritten because it is now normal for girls to start their growth spurt around 8 years of age. Dr. Patrick Mularoni from All Children's Hospital discusses issues involving the onset of early puberty.
New program at Lakewood High School aims to fight obesity
(Sep 27, 2014; Tampa Bay Times) | It was lunchtime, but inside the Lakewood High School gym, freshmen were lining up for blood pressure checks, stepping on scales, being measured for height and learning their body mass index numbers. It was all part of a program in which Lakewood High School and All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine have teamed up to combat obesity and promote healthy lifestyles.
Brandon Regional, All Children's Hospital team on neonatal care
(Sep 25, 2014; Tampa Bay Times) | Brandon Regional Hospital has formed a partnership with All Children's Specialty Physicians. Neonatologists and maternal-fetal medicine physicians from All Children's will be on staff at Brandon Regional and work with the hospital to increase the care provided to newborns and high-risk expectant mothers.
When sunshine is the best medicine, doctors are writing prescriptions
(Sep 24, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Raquel Hernandez, Director of Medical Education at St. Petersburg's All Children's Hospital, has prescribed outdoor activity to patients, and believes the non-traditional prescription is a script for a much-needed conversation at home.
On Call: When is corporal punishment abuse?
(Sep 22, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Joe Perno talks about corporal punishment and helps parent better understand when it crosses over to possible abuse.
When kids struggle with cancer
(Sep 17, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | The new FOX series 'Red Band Society' sheds light on life inside a children's hospital. It's a show that has a mix of drama and comedy in hopes of shedding light on what the kids go through. We met the real-life patients at the cancer unit at All Children's Hospital, including Taylor Goethals. She became a cancer survivor at 15 years old.
On Call: Dealing with Acne
(Sep 15, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Mularoni joins Good Day Tampa Bay to provide information about ways to control and minimize acne in teenagers.
Virus sickens hundreds, FL doctors on-guard
(Sep 8, 2014; WFLA Channel 8) | There's no treatment for it. It's very much a cold or cough virus. You can also have vomiting and diarrhea, fever and usually it's just treated with supportive care,” said Dr. Wassam Rahman, Medical Director of the Pediatric Emergency Center at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg.
CDC warns of fast-spreading virus that has hit kids in Midwest
(Sep 8, 2014; Tampa Bay Times) | Parents need not hit the panic button, said Dr. Juan Dumois, director of the pediatric infectious disease program at All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine in St. Petersburg. He pointed out that most children with a respiratory illness get better on their own and are never tested for the particular strain of enterovirus causing the recent outbreak.
On Call: Enterovirus
(Sep 8, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Perno discusses enterovirus 68, a respiratory illness trending in 10 states.
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