All Children's Hospital in the Media

All Children's Hospital shows up frequently in the local news, and sometimes beyond. Here's a history of the items that we've shared in the past.

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On Call: How to Avoid Overuse Injuries
(Jul 8, 2013; WTVT Channel 13) | Overuse injuries are injuries that happen because of chronic repetitive movements in sports. Dr. Patrick Mularoni from All Children's Hospital helps parents understand how they can help their children avoid these types of injuries.
On Call: The dangers of leaving kids in hot cars
(Jul 1, 2013; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Joe Perno from All Children's Hospital talks about the dangers of leaving kids in hot cars, the importance of using sunscreen and how to help keep children from becoming overheated.
What's Right with Tampa Bay: Donna Young
(Jun 25, 2013; WTVT Channel 13) | After 33 years of service, Donna Young, the first employee and house director in the history of the Tampa Bay Ronald McDonald House, is retiring at the end of June.
How to keep from forgetting your child in the car
(Jun 24, 2013; WTVT Channel 13) | Safe Kids, sponsored by All Children's Hospital in St. Pete, says put the phone, along with your purse, brief case, and everything else, in the back seat near your child. That way you will see your little one when you grab the item.
On Call: What to Do When Something Ends Up Somewhere It Doesn’t Belong
(Jun 24, 2013; WTVT Channel 13) | From the mouth to the nose and ears, foreign bodies are a common childhood ailment. Depending on situation, there may be something you can do at home for your child before seeking medical care. Dr. Lisa Brennan from All Children's Hospital gives parents tips to help them care for their kids.
SNN: Babies born addicted to drugs
(Jun 18, 2013; Sarasota Network News (SNN)) | A new Follow-Up Clinic at All Children's Outpatient Care Center in Sarasota will give babies discharged from the NICU at Sarasota Memorial access to a variety of special services to help them overcome NAS. The clinic is being funded by a $70,000 grant from the All Children's Hospital Guild Sarasota/Manatee Branch.
Clinic to help drug-addicted babies
(Jun 18, 2013; Sarasota Herald Tribune) | The Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Clinic at All Children's Outpatient Care in Sarasota, 5881 Rand Blvd., has begun providing a variety of services for addicted babies from birth to 24 months of age.
On Call: Discussing disasters with your children
(Jun 17, 2013; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Ricardo Jimenez talks about the best ways to share information about disasters with your children.
Rays players, mascot spread cheer at hospital
(Jun 14, 2013; | A hospital can be a scary place for a child, and a friendly face is always welcome. Friday, three friendly faces from the Tampa Bay Rays made a visit to All Children’s Hospital to visit with patients and staff.
Young baseball player recovers from frightening injury
(Jun 10, 2013; WTVT Channel 13) | It's something parents hope never happens to their children: a serious life threatening accident right before their eyes. One family thanks All Children's Hospital for quick action that saved their son's life.
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