All Children's Hospital in the Media

All Children's Hospital shows up frequently in the local news, and sometimes beyond. Here's a history of the items that we've shared in the past.

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Ten Tips To Get Your Kids To Sleep And Stay Asleep
(May 28, 2013; Medical Daily) | Just as important as night-time rituals, you want to encourage regular sessions during the day. According to Henry Shapiro, M.D., Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Fla.
6 year old takes story to Washington, D.C.
(May 28, 2013; Beacon-Leader-Bee Publications) | On Wednesday, June 19, a 6-year-old girl from Seminole, Marina Marasca, and her parents, Nikki and Geno Marasca, will go to Washington, D.C., and stand before Congress to advocate for funding and pediatric research at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg and other children’s hospitals.
Lakeland Classes Offer Help With Installing, Using Car Seats
(May 27, 2013; Lakeland Ledger) | Petra Vybiralova, who teaches car-seat classes monthly at All Children's Outpatient Care in Lakeland, estimates nine in 10 Polk County residents do something wrong.
The 2013 All Children's Hospital Telethon
(May 24, 2013; WFLA Channel 8) | The 2013 All Children's Hospital Telethon will be held on Sunday, June 2nd. Celebrating 30 years of miracles, the telethon aims to raise funds and friends for the region's preeminent children's hospital.
On Call: Keeping kids safe on boats
(May 20, 2013; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Lisa Brennan from All Children's Hospital gives parents important tips to keep kids safe while boating.
The baby whisperer
(May 15, 2013; WTVT Channel 13) | Many of us turn to music to help celebrate, mourn or even soothe. The same can be said at St. Petersburg's All Children's Hospital, where music is now being used to help treat some of the hospital's tiniest patients.

Two local teens help each other raise money for out-of-pocket expenses related to cancer treatment
(May 15, 2013; WFTS Channel 28) | Tony is so familiar with the cost of battling cancer because he's fighting it himself - he and Ashley met in the halls of All Children’s Hospital during their first fight with cancer. “We kind of made each other laugh a lot and just the bond of having someone you know you can lean on."
On Call: More Medical Myths - True or False?
(May 13, 2013; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Joe Perno from All Children's Hospital gives parents the real answers to a variety of medical myths.
Heart of Polk: Chris White and Slugging It Out for Miracles
(May 12, 2013; Lakeland Ledger) | When his neighbors' child was born with melanoma, requiring countless visits to All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg and the outpatient clinic in Lakeland, Chris White could not quiet the chord of communal contribution that was internally struck.
Session over, but Florida hospital funding fears remain
(May 12, 2013; Tampa Bay Times) | The new Medicaid formula, though adjusted to help hospitals like All Children's, is a substantive start to redirecting more money to the for-profit sector. All told, these hospitals realized a $48 million gain in Medicaid dollars. And observers expect further changes in the formula to be an ongoing battle.
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