P.A.L.S. for Playing
A Therapeutic Social Skills Group

Social Thinking

Thinking socially comes naturally to most of us, but children and teens with social deficits need help relating with others. P.A.L.S. participants will begin to learn how to: be part of a group; monitor and adapt their behavior in social settings; understand and think of others; and use efffective and appropriate conversation skills.

Programs Available

THe PALS program is appropriate for all participants ages 7-17 years old. Learn more about PALS.

Pre-PALS is a special program for participants aged 2-6 years old. Learn more about Pre-PALS.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, physicians or patients can call Speech Language Pathology (727) 767-4141 or submit an online appointment request. We accept most traditional insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and most managed care plans.