Patient Rights & Notices

Important information for Patients

All Children's believes its patients and their families should be well-informed. For questions about this content, please contact our Compliance Liaison and Privacy Officer in writing or by telephone at:

Compliance Liaison/Privacy Officer
All Children's Hospital
501 6th Avenue South
Box 9505
St. Petersburg, FL  33701

(727) 767-7348 or (800) 456-4543 x74348

Patient Rights

As a patient of All Children's, you and your family have the right:

  1. To expect privacy and respect while you receive your health care.
  2. To always receive polite and respectful care.
  3. To expect timely and reasonable answers to your questions.
  4. To know who is in charge of approving and doing your procedures or treatments.
  5. To know the name and professional status of your caregiver.
  6. To be informed of rules that apply to your conduct.
  7. To be educated about patient safety issues and how to communicate concerns to staff related to safe patient care and environment.
  8. To know what services are available to help you, including an interpreter.
  9. To be told by your health care provider of your condition, plan of care, risks, benefits, and outcome.
  10. To be told of medical choices for care or treatment.
  11. To refuse treatment, except that written by law, and to be told of the effects of your choice.
  12. To be given complete information and advice on the financial resources and payment plans, upon request.
  13. To receive access to medical treatment or facilities no matter your race, sex, creed, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, disability, or source of payment.
  14. To be given, upon request and before treatment, a reasonable estimate of charges for health care.
  15. To be given a copy of your bill and to have the charges explained, upon request.
  16. A patient who is on Medicare has the right to know, upon request and before treatment, whether the healthcare facility and providers accept Medicare Assignment rates.
  17. To know if medical treatment is for experimental research and to say "yes or no" to the treatment.
  18. To take part in decisions about the plan of your health care.
  19. To have access to professionals to help you with emotional and/or spiritual care.
  20. To practice your cultural values and spiritual beliefs, as long as they do not interfere with the well-being of others and are within the limits of hospital policy and the law.
  21. To be given care that is sensitive to one's developmental needs.
  22. To take part in the discussion of ethical matters about your care.
  23. To talk with another doctor or specialist at your own request and expense, or to ask for a transfer to another health care provider, providing it is medically acceptable and the other provider will accept your transfer.
  24. To treatment for any emergency medical condition that will get worse if not treated.
  25. To expect a timely response when you complain of pain.
  26. To participate in decision-making and be informed of your options in pain management.
  27. To inspect and obtain a copy of your designated record set, in accordance with policy.  A designated record set is basically a group of records All Children's uses to make decisions about individuals, such as the medical records and billing records.
  28. To request amendment to your designated record set in accordance with policy.
  29. To receive an accounting of your medical information disclosures in accordance with policy.
  30. To request restrictions concerning how All Children's uses or disclose your medical information in accordance with policy.
  31. To request that All Children's communicate with you about medical matters in a certain way or at a certain location in accordance with policy.
  32. To receive a copy of the All Children's Notice of Privacy Practices.
  33. To discuss advance directives and/or appoint a surrogate to make health care decisions on your behalf to the extent permitted by law for adult patients.

(updated 06/13/2012)

Patient Responsibilities

You and your family are responsible for:

  1. Giving true and complete information about your present and past health.
  2. Telling your doctor or other healthcare provider of any change in your health.
  3. Telling your doctor or other healthcare provider if you understand your plan of care and what is expected of you.
  4. Following the plan of care to which you and your doctor or other healthcare provider have agreed.
  5. Keeping appointments and, if you cannot, telling the right person.
  6. Being responsible for your actions if you refuse treatment or do not follow the plan of care you and your doctor or other healthcare provider agree to.
  7. Paying your medical bills.
  8. Being considerate of the rights of others and following the rules.
  9. Telling your doctor or other health care provider when you are in pain and if your pain is being relieved.
  10. Asking questions when you do not understand what you have been told about the your  care or what you are expected to do.
  11. Responding timely to requests for release information.
  12. Not photographing, videotaping, or audio-taping patients or other individuals while at the Hospital, who are not family members.

(updated 07/29/2013)

Right to Receive an Estimate of Charges upon Written Request

As a licensed healthcare facility in the State of Florida, All Children's Hospital is providing the following notification in accordance with Florida Statutes 395.301 (7) & (8).

All Children's Hospital patients have the right to receive, prior to the delivery of non-emergency medical treatment services, a written good faith estimate of the reasonably anticipated charges for their treatment.  The estimated must be provided within seven (7) business days after the receipt of a written request by the patient or their legal guardian.  Patients are also entitled to receive notification of revisions to the estimate.

The estimate may be the average charges for the treatment and the actual charges may exceed the estimate.

To receive a written estimate, please submit your written request to:

Director of Admissions
All Children's Hospital
501 6th Avenue South, Box 9030
St. Petersburg, FL  33701

(updated 06/13/2012)

Patient/Family Concerns or Complaints

All Children's goal is to provide patients with the best possible care. If patients or families have concerns or complaints about their care, we provide a way to discuss them. Please tell us about your concerns so we can answer them quickly, and in a way that is reasonable and follows Hospital policy.

The first thing to do is tell the doctor, nurse or other care provider about your concerns or complaints. Any All Children's employee will immediately try to provide an answer. The employee will ask his/her supervisor to help, if needed.

If you do not think your concern is addressed quickly or if you want to discuss the issue with someone other than the supervisor, the department's management team will start the All Children's grievance process.

We ask and expect you to let us know of any concerns by communicating them verbally to a member of our staff for informal resolution. Alternatively, you may contact the Risk Management Department (727-767-8575 or call toll free at 1-800-456-4543 or email to initiate the Hospital's formal grievance process. If you believe we have not been able to adequately address your concerns, you may contact The Agency for Health Care Administration, Consumer Assistance Unit by calling 1-888-419-3456 or write 2727 Mahan Drive, Bldg. 1, Tallahassee, FL  32317-4000. If you are not satisfied that we have addressed your concerns or complaints, you also have the right to contact The Joint Commission, an independent, not-for-profit organization that evaluates hospitals like All Children's. To report any concerns or complaints about All Children's, contact The Joint Commission's Office of Quality Monitoring by emailing or calling 1-800-994-6610.

(updated 07/29/2013)

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