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All Children's Hospital is partnering with FOX-13 News to bring you timely health and safety information for the children in your life. It's a segment called "On Call." Each Monday, one of our Pediatric Specialists will be interviewed live from our All Children's Hospital Emergency Center by the hosts of FOX-13's popular "Good Day Tampa Bay" program. The interviews usually occur between 8 - 9 AM and focus on a variety of topics. Links to past segments are listed below. If there's a topic you'd like to see addressed during an On Call segment, e-mail your idea to

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On Call: Car Seat Safety
(Oct 20, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Joe Perno from All Children's Hospital reminds parents about important car seat safety tips and explains the new law concerning the use of booster seats.
On Call: The Dangers of E-Cigarettes and other Medical Myths
(Oct 6, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Joe Perno talks about the dangers of e-cigarettes and discusses other medical myths.
On call: Early Puberty
(Sep 29, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | Medical recommendations regarding puberty are being rewritten because it is now normal for girls to start their growth spurt around 8 years of age. Dr. Patrick Mularoni from All Children's Hospital discusses issues involving the onset of early puberty.
On Call: When is corporal punishment abuse?
(Sep 22, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Joe Perno talks about corporal punishment and helps parent better understand when it crosses over to possible abuse.
On Call: Dealing with Acne
(Sep 15, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Mularoni joins Good Day Tampa Bay to provide information about ways to control and minimize acne in teenagesrs.
On Call: Enterovirus
(Sep 8, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Perno discusses enterovirus 68, a respiratory illness trending in 10 states.
On Call: Childhood Obesity Awareness
(Sep 1, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | All Children's Hospital and Fit4Allkids Dietician Sarah Krieger talks to Good Day Tampa Bay about Childhood Obesity Awareness month and how to prepare healthy meals for children.
On Call: The impact of sleep, diet and caffeine on our kids
(Aug 25, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Patrick Mularoni from All Children's Hospital talked about how sleep, diet and caffeine make an impact on our kids.
On Call: Walking Kids to School Safely
(Aug 18, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | Dr. Joe Perno tell parents how to walk their kids to school safely while also getting some much needed exercise.
On Call: Kids and Concussions
(Aug 11, 2014; WTVT Channel 13) | "Concussion symptoms can sometimes be hard to recognize, and can become even worse if a child or teen suffers a second impact because it could lead to lifelong problems," said Patrick Mularoni, M.D., Medical Director of Pediatric Sports Medicine at All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine. "Diagnosis and treatment is the first step to addressing a concussion. It's now increasingly important though for coaches and academic instructors to recognize the signs of a concussion in a student and allow them physical and cognitive rest before heading back on the field, and more importantly, back into the classroom."
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