Immunization Questionnaire

Dear Colleague:
David Berman, D.O., FAAP

David Berman, D.O., FAAP
Infectious Disease

My name is Dr. David Berman. I am a pediatric infectious disease specialist at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida.  As most of you are aware, despite overwhelming scientific evidence demonstrating vaccine safety and efficacy, there remains a growing concern by the general public, media, legislators, and some health-care professionals questioning vaccine safety.  I have recognized an increasing number of children that either unimmunized or under-immunized.  The effects have already been felt at the national level with recent outbreaks of measles, mumps, and pertussis in communities with low rates of immunization.  It is difficult for public to comprehend the seriousness of vaccine preventable diseases if they have never seen the disease.  The focus now becomes the vaccine.  Additional anti-vaccine sentiment runs high with some of our legislators in Tallahassee.  There have been some recent proposed bills with an anti-vaccine message.

As an infectious disease specialist and more importantly as a pediatrician and parent, I know the seriousness of vaccine-preventable diseases.  However, I remain very concerned about the growing number of physicians in the community that have hesitancies regarding immunizations. In order for me to better understand physician vaccine attitudes, I have developed a brief electronic questionnaire. I am asking you to spend a few minutes of your time to participate in this survey.  My specific goal is to ascertain individual physician beliefs surrounding current vaccine "controversies" in Florida. This survey will be used to help understand physician beliefs about vaccination and to determine which direction to focus educational efforts.  The survey was designed with yes or no type questions that can be easily completed within 5-10 minutes. The survey is anonymous and there are no identifiers. My goal is to have all physician members of the Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics to complete the survey.

I greatly appreciate your time to complete this brief survey.  If you have any specific questions, you can reach me through All Children's Hospital Division of Pediatric Infectious Disease. 

Thanks again,

David M. Berman, D.O., FAAP
Division of Pediatric Infectious Disease
All Children’s Hospital
St. Petersburg, FL