Inpatient and Outpatient Surgery at All Children's Hospital

Most surgeries at All Children's Hospital are performed by the Surgery Department on the second floor of the hospital. The surgery unit at All Children's hospital has been designed to provide first-class care, centered on the patient and family. Admissions, registration, pre-surgical unit, operating rooms and recovery (Post-Anesthesia Care Unit, or "PACU") are all located in close proximity. Parents or guardians are able to stay with their child up to their departure for the operating room and are able to join them at the bedside as they recover.

Preparing your Child for Surgery at All Children's Hospital

Anticipating an upcoming surgery can be a frightening experience for a child -- but it doesn't have to be. Here are some resources that you can use to help your child prepare for their surgery at All Children's Hospital.

Information for Parents

A bit of preparation on the part of the patient's parents goes a long way towards making the entire experience as smooth as possible with a minimum of stress and uncertainty. Being well-prepared also helps the parent be available to provide attention and comfort to their child.

Use these resources to prepare for your child's surgery:

Additional Questions?

If you or your child have additional questions, there are a variety of ways to get answers:

A series of informative recordings are available via telephone by calling (727) 767-8561 or (800) 456-4543 x78561 (Pre-Admission Testing) and following the directions.

If you have any questions or would like additional information on helping your child adjust to hospitalization at All Children's, please call:
All Children's Hospital Child Life Dept.
at (727) 767-4323
or (800) 456-4543 x74323

If you have questions regarding surgery time, please call...
Pre-Admission Testing
at (727) 767-8561

or (800) 456-4543 x78561