Vendor Registration

During the registration process Materials Management will review/check the following:

  • Applicable policies
  • Campus map, if appropriate
  • Information regarding patient safety and infection control
  • Information regarding confidentiality
  • Need for a business associate agreement
  • Information regarding parking
  • Information regarding identification badges
  • JCAHO requirements, as determined by the Licensing/ Accreditation Department
  • Office of Inspector General's list of excluded individual/entities check
  • Bio-medical equipment preventive maintenance/quality checks
  • Other policies, standards or documents applicable to the vendor considering the service or product provided; the entity, division, or department with whom the vendor is working; the request of ACHS Personnel; or other written arrangements between ACHS and the vendor.

Upon acceptance of your registration, an email will be sent back to you with a sign-on password that will give you access to detailed information regarding compliance, legal, procurement, insurance, and other applicable requirements.

Any questions should be directed to Luis Soto, Director of Materials Management 727-767-4957 or

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