Learn How to Advocate

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Write your legislators

A personalized letter or email to your legislator can make a big impact. Taking the time to tell your story and why it is important means a lot to legislators.

  • Identify yourself as a constituent in the legislator's district.
  • Identify the issue you are writing about and the action you would like the legislator to take. Put this information in the first paragraph to make it clear.
  • Explain the issue. Be brief and to the point. Keep your letter focused on one issue.
  • Make it personal - explain how the issue impacts you, your family, and the local community. Tell a story the legislator can relate to.
  • Ask the legislator for a response to your letter with their view point.

Helpful tips

  • Keep the letter short and concise. We recommend three to four paragraphs and under 500 words.
  • Make sure to provide your home address, phone number and email address.

Call your legislators

  • Reaching out to a legislator by phone is a quick and effective way to share on issue of importance.
  • Call your legislators
  • Identify you self by name and provide your address so you are recognized as a constituent.
  • Tell them the issue you are calling about. List the bill name and number if you have it.
  • Ask to speak to the staff member who is in charge of health issues if you cannot speak with the legislator. They will be able to relay your concerns directly to the legislator.
  • Briefly state your position and how you would like your legislator to vote.
  • Thank the person who took the phone call for their time and consideration.

Helpful tips

  • Be polite and concise. Have a few key points ready to share with the staff member you speak to. Providing too much information can dilute your key message. Keep the phone call quick and simple.
  • Don't worry if the staff member asks you a question you do not know the answer to. Let them know you will follow-up with the requested information.
  • Don't assume the legislator or staff member has prior knowledge of your issue. Use this as an opportunity to educate and inform them of the issue's importance.
  • Follow-up with a written letter to your legislator or staff member to reinforce your position and thank the legislator.