Parentage Testing

Molecular Genetics Clinical Laboratory- Parentage / Zygosity

DNA-based identity testing is provided to families or individuals for the purpose of determining paternity, maternity, or both, in order to establish uncertain parentage. Additionally, this testing can be used to determine the zygosity of a pair of twins, either identical (monozygotic) or fraternal (dizygotic). Specimens are collected at All Children's Hospital or at All Children's Hospital satellite clinics to insure chain of custody and testing accuracy. Testing is done using DNA polymorphisms, a procedure also known as DNA fingerprinting.
Paternity or testing can be performed in the absence of a maternal specimen, although specimens from both alleged parents are preferred and increases testing accuracy. Testing accuracy is approximately 99.999% with specimens from both alleged parents and 99.99% with a specimen from one parent only. Parentage can be established for deceased family members depending on available specimens. Call the laboratory for more information.
Testing takes less than one week to complete following receipt of all specimens. Written reports are generated and parties are contacted by telephone, if desired.
All specimens should be kept at room temperature and shipped, if necessary, by overnight delivery in an insulated container.

  • Adults and Children: A cheek swab specimen collected by rubbing a clean brush or swab on the inside of the cheek in a circular motion while twirling the swab is suitable. The swab should be placed back into its container, sealed, and clearly labeled with NAME and DATE OF BIRTH. A tube of 0.5 cc whole blood collected in an EDTA [lavender top or other anti-coagulant] tube is also acceptable.
  • Neonates: A cord blood specimen collected in an EDTA tube, or 0.5 cc collected by finger or heel stick.
  • Prenatal: Amniocentesis: 15 cc whole amniotic fluid submitted without culture. A backup culture should be arranged but is rarely required. CVS: a single whole villus, dissected free of decidua.
  • Tissue Specimens: Frozen or paraffin-imbedded tissue may also be suitable for testing, please inquire.

The charges for parentage or zygosity testing for the alleged father and child are available upon request. A specimen from the mother can also be analyzed and makes the testing more accurate, but is not necessary and incurs the same charges. 

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