Information for Early Steps Providers

This page serves as a resource for Early Steps Providers. Contained on this page are online resources, frequently used form, provider enrollment information and links to useful websites. If you have questions, please contact Sandra Whittington.

Online Resources

WCES Provider Operations Handbook
Complete Reimbursement Schedule

Frequently Used Forms

WCES Provider Enrollment Application Word PDF  
Three and Nine Month Progress Updates Word PDF 
EI Therapy Session Word PDF 
Service Initiation Report Word  PDF 
Consultation Documentation Word PDF
IFSP Participation Documentation   PDF
Level II FBI Background Screening Word PDF

Provider Enrollment Status 

To check provider enrollment status, send an email to or call (850) 245-4215.

Links To Useful Websites

More Information

Most services will be early intervention home visits. Click on the links below for a short video that demonstrates and explains early intervention home visits.

The internet link below is a short video provided by the Connecticut Birth to Three System. It demonstrates and explains early intervention home visits: 

View Videos >>  

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