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Posted August 10, 2012
Marc Steelman, RN is the August 2012 DAISY Award Recipient


Congratulations to Marc Steelman, RN who is the August 2012 Daisy Award Recipient. Marc is an RN in the Marc Steelman, RN August 2012 Dasiy AwardEmergency Center. The DAISY Award is presented monthly to an All Children's Hospital Nurse who has provided extraordinary service to our patients. 

Marc was nominated by a parent who wrote:

We first met Marc when our son was only 18 days old and headed to the cath lab for a procedure. He introduced himself with the perfect combination of dedication, professionalism, and humor. This helped me handle the separation from my son a little better. A few weeks later, Marc offered to take him for another procedure. This was the second time he had to go through this procedure and mommy was not happy. Marc listened to my concerns and relayed them to all involved. During the procedure, Marc made sure our son was not too upset and that mommy was able to console him when he had been crying.

The third time we were reacquainted with Marc was for his next procedure in the cath lab. This time, our son was only 68 days old and his heart was very sick. Before being wheeled back to the lab, Marc promised us that he was in good hands and they would take good care of him. Our son made it through the procedure but due to complications he was placed on ECMO. Luckily, he only had to be on ECMO for two days. When he came off it he was back to the same happy baby as before, although his heart still needed to be surgically repaired. Marc stopped by to visit the day after he came off ECMO. We know Marc did everything he could to help our son recover quickly.

Marc followed through on the promise he made to take good care of our son. He helped keep him alive. Marc continued to check on him, not because he had to, but because he wanted to. When our son laughed for the first time- a real giggle to accompany his heartwarming smile, Marc was in the room.  I reminded Marc that had he not been so quick to react, we would have never been able to hear his first laugh. All of Marc's actions, his attention to detail, and his demeanor truly express his compassion, empathy, and dedication for his patients and their families. We will be forever grateful for each moment our son was in Marc's care. We wish Marc the best as a nurse in the EC. We know he will positively impact many more lives the way he did ours. Thank you, Marc.

"Marc has worked at ACH since 2002," said Susan Byrd, RN, Director of the Emergency Center. "He transferred to the Cath Lab in 2010 and returned to work in the EC this past June. We enjoy having Marc on our team. His easygoing, lighthearted manner is refreshing. He has worked hard on his education and is currently seeking his BSN. He offers our team experience, humor and people skills. He is friendly with everyone and receives many patient compliments."

Thank you Marc, for your service excellence to All Children's Hospital and your continued passion to pursue perfection.