General News
Posted March 13, 2012
All Children's RN Residency Program Welcomes New Nurses

Fifteen nurses started their ACH careers on March 12 in the All Children's Pediatric RN Residency Program. The one-year program will provide education and support to new graduate nurses. Six of these nurses will participate in our new critical care track. The critical care residents will work in the PICU or CVICU after spending their first year in pediatric medicine. They will receive additional critical care education, training, and looping opportunities to facilitate their transition to the ICU. Nurses joining the program include:

OR - Samantha Hunt
PICU/Pediatric Medicine - Chris Brazis, Mary Cisilski, Cristina Rondolino
CVICU/Pediatric Medicine - Nicole Smith, Laura Strehle, Amanda Valdes
NICU - Regina Barnhart, Holly Cheng, Florence Fuentes, Connie Mahogany-Webster, Mary Tanner
Pediatric Medicine - Branden Shane
Hem/Onc - Flavy Francique, Nichole LaChance

"All Children's has an ongoing commitment to provide the best learning environment for our new nurse residents," said Hella Ewing, ACH Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer. "We continue to look at opportunities to improve their experience.  Our Simulation Center has become an important part of our residency program. Simulation provides a 'safe' environment for building skills and learning scenarios that nurses will experience in their first year. The critical care residency track is the latest enhancement to our program. All Children's Hospital will continue to look at opportunities to 'grow our own' and provide the highest skilled nurses for our patients."  

The Pediatric RN Residency Program provides graduate nurses and/or newly licensed nurses with knowledge, skills and support as they transition from the academic setting to the hospital setting. Upon completion of the residency, the RN is skilled and competent to care for acutely ill infants and children.

For more information about program eligibility and application requirements, visit the All Children's Hospital Pediatric RN Residency Program webpage.