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Posted November 4, 2011
Nancy Hubbs - November Employee of the Month

Nancy Hubbs is the November 2011 Employee of the Month. Nancy works as an Admissions Coordinator and has been with All Children's since 2007. The mother of a patient recognized Nancy for her Service Excellence, saying:Nancy Hubbs, November 2011 Employee of the Month

My baby girl was in your NICU. I slept on the chair next to her for the two weeks she was there. I could not bring myself to return home without her. Not only were the doctors and nurses wonderful to her, they were amazing with me as well. I was having a particularly emotional day when I went to Admissions, where I met Nancy Hubbs, who was so gentle and comforting during such a hard time for me, as I am raising my daughter by myself. She was optimistic and easy to speak to, like she was a long time friend. Nancy was there to listen when I needed to talk, and gave me a tissue as I became teary-eyed, telling her about my particular case. I'm sure she was very busy, and had heard every mother cry about her baby, but I never would have known it. She truly cared about my well-being, all the while assuring me that my daughter would be fine. By the time I left her office, she had me feeling refreshed and able to return to my baby with a smile on my face.

When my daughter was discharged I made sure Nancy got to meet her. She was so excited that I brought her by, and was genuinely happy that my daughter and I were going home. The impact she had on me stayed with me, and inspired me to apply here at ACH too, hoping I might have the same effect on a parent who needed some love and reassurance in their life as I did.

I truly believe Nancy deserves this honor of Employee of the Month, not only because of the compassion she showed me, but also because I am sure I'm not the only parent she has consoled during her employment at All Children's Hospital. I was devastated when my baby had to go to the NICU, but Nancy helped to ease that pain and get me through such a tough, lonely time. All Children's Hospital should be proud that parents will leave there with a positive experience from the interaction they have with Nancy!!

Nancy, thank you for your wonderful Service Excellence and all you do for our patients and families. Congratulations for receiving the All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month honors!