General News
Posted August 10, 2011
24 Nurses Begin the All Children's Pediatric RN Residency Program

A new group of nurses started their ACH careers on August 8 in the All Children's Pediatric RN Residency Program.  Twenty-four nurses are enrolled in the 12-month program that is integrated into the existing clinical education structure. The program provides graduate nurses and/or newly licensed nurses with knowledge, skills and support as they transition from the academic setting to the hospital setting. Upon completion of the residency, the RN is skilled and competent to care for acutely ill infants and children. Program components include:

  • Clinical experiences with one-to-one expert preceptors
  • Classroom and simulation lab education
  • Dedicated individual mentors
  • Support and clinical debriefing sessions
  • Individualized rotation or "looping" experiences in related clinical units

"While most organizations have backed away from educational growth and support, All Children's has renewed its commitment to programs that develop nurses," said Hella Ewing, ACH Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer. Over the past two years, our Residency program has evolved into a comprehensive program that focuses on making our new nurses successful. I am proud of the program our team has developed. We have received applicants from all over the country. We continue to look for the best of the best. We will settle for nothing less for our patients and their families."

For more information about program eligibility and application requirements, visit the All Children's Hospital Pediatric RN Residency Program webpage.