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Posted May 10, 2011
Kristin Maier - May Employee of the Month

Kristin Maier is the May 2011 Employee of the Month. Kristin works in Child Life as a Child Life Coordinator and has been with All Children's nearly 14 years. A fellow employee recognized Kristin's Service Excellence saying:
Kristin Maier, May 2011 Employee of the Month

We are blessed to have amazing Child Life Specialists on 7S. I am fortunate enough to consider them my friends as well as coworkers. Kristin always goes above and beyond for her patients, without hesitation or question. When I had to bring my 19-month-old daughter in for outpatient testing, I knew that it was going to be difficult for her. I instantly turned to Kristin for suggestions and support. Kristin worked with us (my daughter, the Radiology department and me) to make this the best possible experience for my daughter. My daughter went from being scared of anyone but Mommy to her normal, playful self. Kristin never left our side, providing distraction and support for my daughter. It was really hard for me as a parent, to watch my child go through a difficult procedure. But having Kristin by my side made the experience that much easier. Kristin, thank you so much for all that you did for my little girl and for me. You truly were a lifesaver. We are so lucky to have someone as wonderful as you working with our patients. 

Kristin's Department Director added: 

Kristin is a seasoned clinician who has received many commendations from families over the years. She is able to connect with highly anxious children and help them gain some sense of control and successfully get through difficult procedures and situations. Kristin puts 100% into helping children learn coping skills that allow them to leave their medical encounter feeling confident and good about themselves and their effort. She is known for her ability to identify exactly what a child needs to move forward. She demonstrates a great deal of patience, works very closely with the health care team, and is a strong patient advocate. Over the years, Kristin has been a mentor to others in an effort to share successful approaches to help the kids. She keeps current with research in the Child Life field and embraces evidence based practice.

Kristin, thank you for the wonderful Service Excellence you provide the families and patients we are privileged to serve and congratulations for being selected the All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month!