Posted September 28, 2010
Hyundai Delivers Hope on Wheels for ACH Cancer Survivors

Representatives from Hyundai Motor America and local Hyundai dealers were on hand Tuesday afternoon (Sept. 28, 2010) to deliver a $100,000 check to All Children's Pediatric Cancer Program. The funds will be used in support of our CanSurvive Clinic and research addressing fertility issues for childhood cancer survivors.

Hope on Wheels delivers $100,000 for All Children's Cancer Survivors. Left to right; Hyundai dealer Ron Messinetti, Hyundai Regional Sales Manager John Hyland, ACH cancer survivor Dana Bertoch, RN, ACH Blood & Marrow Transplant Director Michael Nieder, MD, President & CEO of Hyundai of New Port Richey and Hyundai of Wesley Chapel and Chairman of the Hyundai National Dealer Council Scott Fink, ACH Foundation Officer Brian Overcast

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In accepting the grant, All Children's Blood & Marrow Transplant Director Michael Nieder, MD noted that 80% of childhood cancers are now curable - a great increase from 60% when he first entered the profession in the 1980s. "We now have cure at a cost," Nieder said, "and that cost is too high."

Cancer survivor Dana Bertoch spoke of some of the long-term effects she faces after having conquered a form of Hodgkin's Lymphoma. "I knew that the drugs I received had the potential to harm my heart, lungs, bone marrow, and reproductive organs. I also knew that the radiation came with risks as well, and I had to worry about secondary malignancies in the future. That was an overwhelming amount of worry for me that I often tried to push to the back of my mind." Dana was among the first patients of All Children's CanSurvive Clinic, where the same nurses who'd helped her through treatment now explained the health monitoring she'd need to continue leading a healthy life. " I left that appointment feeling once again I had a great team on my side in which I completely trust. " Dana is now a registered nurse working with adult oncology patients at Tampa General Hospital.

All Children's $100,000 grant is one of 68 Hope Grants made by Hyundai to children's hospitals across America. The grant is a part of Hyundai's Hope on Wheels campaign, in observation of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month this September. Since 1998, Hyundai has contributed $23-million in grants to help further the fight against childhood cancer.