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Posted June 17, 2010
Roseann Halback - June Employee of the Month

Roseann Halback is the June 2010 All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month. Roseann works in Occupational Therapy as an Occupational Therapist and has been with All Children's since 2007. A physician recognized Roseann's Service Excellence and nominated her for Employee of the Month honors. The physician said:

For more than a year now, Roseann has been providing excellent care for our hand therapy patients, making beautiful splints and instructing patients in exercise programs. However, a couple of weeks ago Roseann did something that was way above the call of duty and very representative of all segments of our ancillary staff. 

Another physician had sent me a young man with rheumatoid arthritis who had a spontaneous rupture of the extensor tendon to the fingers of his right hand. I repaired the tendons, but he needed a special hand-made dynamic splint in order to allow him to do the exercises, which would both protect the repair and allow it to work. This splint is absolutely necessary for the success of the surgery. The patient lived in Tallahassee, and had to return to school. He could only return the following week. 

I called Roseann to make the appointment. She told me she was going to be out of town, as she was getting married that week and Monday was the first day of her pre-wedding time-off.  She said she'd "try to find someone else to make the splint." 

Monday afternoon came, and the patient showed up with a beautiful newly made splint exactly as I had requested it.  I called over to outpatient OT to thank whoever had made it only to find that it was indeed our brilliant and devoted Roseann, who had postponed the start of her vacation so that she could take proper care of our patient. 

I thanked her profusely and she responded that it was "no big deal and that she was glad to have been able to do it for the patient." The tone of her voice confirmed that she did in fact think it was no big deal to postpone your vacation for a day if one patient needed something only you could provide. I see this kind of devotion to patient care often in our nurses and therapists and, while I never take it for granted, I'm glad to have an opportunity to help one of our best staff members to be recognized. 

Roseann's Department Director added:

Roseann's dedication to her patients and high standard of care goes above and beyond, not only for this child, but for every child she takes care of. 

Roseann, along with our physicians the Administration of All Children's Hospital also thanks you for your wonderful Service Excellence and all you do for the kids we are so privileged to care for. Congratulations for receiving the June 2010 Employee of the Month honors!