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Posted December 10, 2008
Vicki Thompson - Dec. Employee of the Month

Adis Mujkanovic, November 2008 All Children's Hospital Employee of the MonthVicki works as an RN II in Special Procedures and has been with All Children’s Hospital since 2005. Vicki was nominated for Employee of the Month by a fellow employee for the Service Excellence Vicki provided a Mother and her son. The employee said:    

At about 2:00 PM as I was entering the Children’s Health Center through the bridge from the main hospital, a woman approached me asking if I could help her - she was very upset. She thought her son had an appointment for a CT scan at 2:00 PM, rescheduled from the week before, but said she was told that she was only scheduled for an Echo at 3:00 PM. Victoria seemed to be on her way home, going over the bridge. I am not clinical (I work in IT), so I had no idea how to help this distressed family. I stopped Victoria and asked if she could assist us. Victoria took the time to call the CT area to check on the appointment. Victoria stayed with us until the situation was straightened out and assisted the mother in getting an immediate appointment for the CT scan. She then directed the family to the correct location to have the ordered tests completed. Victoria showed patience and respect, both for me and the family. 

Vicki's Assistant Department Director added:
This is a true evaluation of what type of an individual Vicki is.  She has on several occasions this past year performed in this manner. She never hesitates to take the time to assist.  She is a growing asset to this department and we are very fortunate to have her. Her attitude and willingness flows over to the other staff members, creating a spirit of high involvement with the patients and families we are honored to serve.  Vicki is always pleasant and follows through with every assignment or task.  This unit has gone through a tremendous metamorphosis and Vicki was the first to join in that new beginning, the unit has flourished and Vicki is one of the reasons for its success.  We had a patient today, in which Vicki placed an IV in after one of the other nurses was unable to.  Vicki had the patient cover her eyes while the IV was placed and then shifted the patient's attention to a movie that was placed in the DVD player.  The patient suffered no further episodes and was able to have her procedure.  But, it doesn't stop there.  Vicki, who was actually working in the recovery area of our unit, wheeled the patient down to Ultrasound where the patient was to have an additional procedure.  Vicki and the patient's dad assisted the patient out of the chair and onto the ultrasound bed.  Once on the bed, she began to get faint.  Vicki was there and started talking to the patient and having her answer questions as to what had happened, where does it hurt, etc. and to open her eyes.  The patient came around and Vicki continue to talk with her and assist in anyway she could.  She stayed with the parents and the technician until the patient fully recovered.  Vicki could have left once the patient was on the ultrasound bed, but she didn't - she stayed and took the time and appropriate steps to manage the situation.  This is a great example of what Vicki does and how she performs on a daily basis and how she exemplifies Service Excellence at All Children's - one child, every child.

Vicki, thank you for your outstanding Service Excellence and all you do for our patients and families and congratulations for being selected the All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month!