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Posted April 30, 2013
Kids and Families Honored for Weight Loss Success at Fit4Allkids Graduation

Rowdies at the Fit4Allkids Graduation
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All Children's Hospital, A to Z Pediatrics, and members of the Tampa Bay Rowdies joined forces to honor kids and families for their weight loss success on Thursday, April 25th at All Children's Outpatient Care in New Port Richey.

The special graduation celebrated the families successes and honored their hard work and commitment to healthy living. Families and guests enjoyed a healthy dinner, prizes and a special awards ceremony.

Tampa Bay Rowdies midfielder Luke Mulholland (#8) and goalkeeper Andrew Fontein (#1), as well as Communications & Marketing Coordinator Nico Castillo, spent time talking and taking photos with the kids and their families. Each graduating child received a mini soccer ball for the players to sign and Mulholland and Fontein both received a t-shirt signed by the Fit4Allkids participants.

It was a special and inspirational night for everyone in attendance.

Fit4Allkids, sponsored by All Children's Hospital and Kohl's Cares, is a family weight management program that focuses on being active, making healthy choices and helping children achieve their own personal goals. Fit4Allkids was designed by All Children's pediatric specialists and is offered to local physicians to use within their own practice to help patients who are struggling with their weight.