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Posted March 15, 2013
All Children's Welcomes a Brand New Group of RN Residents

RN Residents - March, 2013
All Children's Hospital is proud to welcome 17 new nurses to our RN Residency Program. These nurses will participate in a 12-month foundational program to provide the support and knowledge to grow into competent pediatric nurses. The classes will be accompanied by preceptor-led orientation to the unit of hire, unit specific classes and training, looping opportunities to other hospital departments and services, simulation, a mentor program, clinical debriefings, and support time/self-care sessions. Unit-based education and training may be provided as well.  

"I find it amazing to meet each group of new nurses that enter this organization," says Hella Ewing, ACH Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer. "The room is swirling with excitement, fear, anticipation, relief and a belief that they are embarking on a career where they can make a significant difference. The message we send all new nurses entering ACH are the values that drive nursing excellence at ACH: Professionalism, Accountability and Integrity.  This is just the beginning of their journey and we get to be apart of it."

Please join us in welcoming the following RN Residents:
OR - Cindy Cook
NICU - Kaci Adkins, Darline Fernandez, Michelle Fortney, Olivia Gold, Sarah Hahn
Hematology/Oncology - Alex Copeland, Merlene Taggart
Surgical Neuroscience - Lauren Brown
Pediatric Medicine 8S - Kelsey Shane
Pediatric Medicine 8N - Kristin Yingling
Critical Care Track:
PICU/8N - CJ Bragg, Patty Maloney, Richard Woody
CVICU/8S - Keshia Harvin, Jennifer Menchen, Caitlan Welsh

Six of these residents were hired into our Critical Care Track, where they will receive orientation and function as independent nurses on the Pediatric Medicine units.  During the last half of the year, these residents will begin ICU education and training through formal classes, computer-based modules, simulation, specialty looping, and hands-on learning. They will fully transition to the PICU & CVICU environments by the end of their first year.