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Posted January 15, 2013
Dara Jackson is the January 2013 Employee of the Month

DDara Jacksonara Jackson is the January 2013 Employee of the Month. Dara works as a Child Life Specialist in Child Life and has been with All Children's since 2009. Dara was recognized for her Service Excellence by one of our nurses who wrote:

Dara is so flexible, gracious and open to helping the patients on 7 South (Hematology/Oncology/BMT) and in our clinics. She will travel to a sick child's school to teach the child's friends about cancer and why the patient is losing their hair.  She will make "blood soup." She uses this to help patients understand leukemia and what happens to the blood.  For example: Red Hots represent red blood cells; marshmallows represent white blood cells and rice represents platelets. It is a very visual and hands-on activity that often creates "aha! moments" for both the children and the parents alike. Dara uses it to teach the patients and siblings. She goes into classrooms where a student has been diagnosed with leukemia to teach classmates.  It is always a big hit! Dara is unbelievably patient with her many requests from nurses.  And she never forgets our requests even though she takes on hospital-wide projects like the Halloween party.

Dara's Department Director added:

"Dara has spent her entire tenure at All Children's working with our Hematology and Oncology patients. She works hard to enhance the experience for each individual patient and their family. She is creative in her approach to helping children understand the complexities of their illnesses. Dara is known as a team player and works hard to balance the many demands of a busy unit, many referrals to the outpatient clinic and her other responsibilities in the child life department. She is often known to stay after her regular hours to assure all needs are met and no child is left without the attention they deserve. She is a valuable member of All Children's Hospital and the Child Life Team." 

Dara, thank you for your extraordinary Service Excellence and all you do for our cancer patients and their families. And, thank you for taking the time and initiative to travel to schools to educate kids about cancer. Congratulations for receiving the All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month honors!