Media/PR Contacts

 Please call the switchboard operator at 727-898-7451 and ask for the Media Relations representative on-call.

A staff member of the All Children's media relations team is on-call and available to assist media 24-hours a day. If you're calling about a press release, please call the media relations staff member noted as the primary contact on the release. 

For all other inquiries during business hours, after hours and on the weekend, please contact the All Children's Hospital switchboard at 727-898-7451 or 1-800-456-4543 who will connect you to the PR staff member on call.

*As a reminder, if you choose to email, text or reach out to our media staff through personal social media accounts on a breaking news issue (Facebook, Twitter, etc), we may not be monitoring these channels, especially on weekends, or we may be off duty or out of town. The only way you are guaranteed to get an immediate response from our staff is by calling the hospital switchboard.

Roy Adams 
Public Information Officer
Phone: (727) 767-4456

Danielle Rotolo
Media Relations Specialist
Phone: (727) 767-2897

Amy Burton
Director, Marketing
Phone: (727) 767-3138