General News
Posted August 2, 2012
Welcome August Intersession Medical Students

Medical Student Intersessions allow medical students from across the country to experience clinical care, research and education at a new institution other than their home medical school institution. Typically, first, second and third year medical students interested in pediatrics plan a 1-2 week intersession during breaks in their medical school coursework. During an intersession, students focus on gaining introductory clinical skills and knowledge and gathering information about choice of specialty as well as where to ultimately apply for residency training.

The All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine Medical Student Intersession program sponsored by the Office of Medical Education provides an opportunity to showcase our state-of-the art facilities, clinical care, committed faculty and academic integration efforts with outstanding medical students who are potential future applicants to our residency program. With our first class of pediatric residents to begin July 1, 2014 our next major milestone to reach after our recently announced accreditation will be to recruit the best of the best candidates for the program. Our intersessions will be a key step in attracting talented, enthusiastic leaders in pediatrics to ACH-JHM.

Providing an outstanding experience to these students is an integral component of our mission as an Office of Medical Education, and we look forward to working with the All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine faculty and staff to make this innovative program increasingly successful.

Students will be on campus August 6-10. Our next intersession for medical students is scheduled for December 17-21, 2012.