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Posted September 12, 2011
Melissa Anderson - September Employee of the Month

Melissa Anderson is the September 2011 Employee of the Month. Melissa works in Non-Invasive Cardiology as an Office Assistant II and has been with All Children's since 2010. A fellow employee recognized Melissa's Service Excellence saying:Melissa Anderson, September 2011 Employee of the Month

A mother came to the Cardiology front desk with her one-year-old daughter. The mom spoke very little English. Her primary language was Creole. When Melissa realized that the baby's name was not on the clinic schedule, she immediately started to investigate the reason for the mix-up. Based on some very scant information provided by the mother, Melissa called several other physician offices to determine where mom and child were supposed to be. When Melissa still was not able to find a solution, she called an interpreter, who found out that the appointment was for the child's sibling and the mother had actually come on the wrong day. The mother then indicated she didn't have transportation home or the money to pay for a cab. Melissa made several more phone calls, resulting in positive confirmation that the Medicaid cab would come to pick them up. Melissa again called the translator, who explained to the mother when her correct appointment was, which child to bring, and when and where the cab would be picking her up. Melissa escorted the mother and child to the location where they would wait for their cab ride. On the way Melissa bought them snacks and drinks because they indicated they were hungry and thirsty.

Melissa acted with care and concern for this mom and child and ensured mom understood all of the information before saying goodbye. I believe Melissa exemplifies the Service Excellence - she is always extremely helpful and knowledgeable and willing to assist patients, families and coworkers.

Melissa, thank you for the wonderful Service Excellence that you do provide the families and patients we are privileged to serve and congratulations for being selected the All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month!