Posted May 15, 2011
Zaylie's Story

As Marine Sergeant Antwuan Plummer cradled his infant daughter in his arms he wondered, "How could a baby so perfect and beautiful on the outside be so very sick inside?"

The new father had been called back to All Children's Hospital from Camp Lajune to be with his wife and daughter because today was the day.

Just after she was born, Zaylie's doctors heard what seemed at first to bean innocent heart murmur. But tests performed by All Children's pediatric cardiac specialists showed that Zaylie's condition was far more serious. Zylie was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot, a rare, complex heart defect that occurs in 5 out of every 10,000 babies. Her parents learned their baby girl would need an operation, and quickly.

Zaylie's parents are thankful for All Children's. It's one of only three hospitals in the state of Florida with the capability to perform a pediatric cardiac MRI. That MRI gave her doctors the information they needed, and it helped detect another abnormality in Zaylie's heart...before she ever went to the operating room!

Hundreds of babies and children undergo cardiac surgery each year at All Children's including those whose families lack insurance and require charitable care. But they all need your support!
While you may not have the skills of a pediatric cardiac specialist, you do have the power to help, and to make a difference. Your gift helps ensure that the extra special care and expertise that children like Zaylie need will be there at a moment's notice.

It takes all of us working together to help get children like Zaylie healthy and back into their parents' arms where they belong.

We're so happy to report Zaylie is doing well today. Please join the All Children's family by sending a gift-the gift that just might be the miracle another child needs!

Thank you, in advance, for helping children like Zaylie become beautiful and healthy...both inside and out!