General News
Posted February 18, 2011
ACH Specialty Care of Brandon Celebrates Five Years of Service

Congratulations to All Children's Specialty Care of Brandon. The center celebrated its 5th Anniversary on February 13.

"Brandon opened with 8 employees and a part-time Director," said  Margie Wells-Friedman, MS, CCC/SLP, Center Director. "Today we have 22 employees, including our original RN Supervisor, Julie McHugh-Smith, office assistant, Kara Parker and Radiology Tech, Alice Kapustiak."

The rehab program has added many new programs including: Interactive Metronome, Therapeutic Listening, TheraSuit, Sports Medicine, Handwriting without Tears, Feeding Therapy, Family Support Groups, Auditory Based Care and much more!
Specialty physician practices have also increased from 2 to 8 different specialties, with up to 43 clinics each month. The center now serves up to 90 lab patients each month.