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Posted September 15, 2010
Lee Brandon - September Employee of the Month

Lee Brandon is the September 2010 All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month.  Lee is a Medical Assistant in Hematology-Oncology and has been with All Children's since 2007.  A Mother of one of our patients recognized Lee's Service Excellence and nominated him for Employee of the Month honors.  The Mother said:
Lee Brandon

My son has been a HEM/ONC patient for two and one-half years and during that time Lee has made every visit (and there have been tons of visits) more comfortable and enjoyable for my son.  My son looks forward to going to the doctor's office just to see "Mr. Lee" and to have time with him before he sees the doctor.  Mr. Lee takes his vitals and is so gentle and reassuring when he pricks his finger for routine blood checks.  Mr. Lee is the only person my son is completely calm with, knowing he is just about to get poked with a needle. 

Lee has made the last two and one-half years (and counting) visits to the doctor a very positive and comfortable experience for my son who suffers from a rare blood disease.  My son prays for 'Mr. Lee' at night and asks about him when we're not at the hospital and always looks forward to seeing Lee's face at the HEM/ONC office.  Lee is wonderful with all the HEM/ONC kids and has the natural ability to make my son feel safe and happy at the same time.

Lee, thank you for your outstanding Service Excellence and all you do for our kids and their families to make them feel safe and welcome at ACH!  Congratulations for receiving the September 2010 Employee of the Month honors!