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Posted March 11, 2010
Cheryl Sayers-O'Neil-Gardner, RN is the DAISY Award Recipient for January 2010
Cheryl Sayers-O'Neil-Gardner, RN is the January 2010 DAISY Award recipient. Cheryl is a RN III with the Transport Team. She has been a RN for over 20 years.  Cheryl started her nursing career at Duke University Medical Center in the NICU.  She also worked in NICU's in Las Vegas, Gainesville and for 12 years at Miami Children's LifeFlight.  In 2007, Cheryl came to ACH to work as a Transport Nurse. 

The DAISY Award is presented monthly to an All Children's Hospital Nurse that has provided extraordinary service to our patients.

A staff member from Sarasota Memorial Hospital recently wrote ACH to praise Cheryl's work. She said, "Recently, the ACH Transport Team was called to Sarasota to pickup one of our critically ill neonates. The baby had unexpected complications that caused a rapid deterioration in his condition.  The mother had some very specific cultural beliefs regarding this baby and his presenting condition.  We, as a unit, believe in supporting cultural practices whenever possible and agreed to support her at this time. When the team arrived, it quickly became obvious that this baby was not going to survive.  Even though the transport was cancelled, Cheryl opted to hold the baby as he made his transition because she did not want him to die alone, not being held by someone, not being shown the love and caring he should experience as a baby." 

"Many SMH staff members working that day commented about how they were touched by her actions.  Many of us have done the same in similar circumstances, but her act of compassion, when she was no longer needed for the job, went above and beyond the expectations and requirements of the job. She left a wonderful feeling of peace and closure for all those who witnessed her actions.  We would like to extend our gratitude and commend her for her actions on that day."

"Cheryl's caring and compassion to this baby encompasses what nursing and the Daisy Award is all about," said S. Louise Bowen, Director of the ACH Transport Team.  "She placed the needs of this baby first. She also balanced the emotions of the referring hospital staff and family. I am very proud of Cheryl and hope we can all take something away from this very moving demonstration of caring."