General News
Posted March 4, 2010
Child Life Month Carnival and Dr. Seuss Events

March is Child Life Month, a time for recognizing and spreading awareness about the important role that Child Life Specialists play in patient care. Hospitalization can be a traumatic disruption in a child's development and the functioning of a family, so All Children's Hospital employs Child Life Specialists to reduce the negative impact of this stressful life event.

As we appreciate the work that our Child Life Specialists do for our patients, All Children's Hospital began celebrating Child Life Month with a carnival-themed event on Monday, featuring games and crafts, such as Pin-the-Stethoscope-on-the-Doctor, Topple the Prescription Bottles and a station where children could create a life-sized self portrait. Monday's carnival was followed by a Dr. Seuss event for Read Across America Day on Tuesday. Children were again involved in games, crafts, and reading activities, such as a reading of The Cat in the Hat, an area dedicated to decorating fish, and a place to make your very own "oobleck" (a sticky, fun, goo).

Keep watching for more information about Child Life Month!